Your First Triathlon Wetsuit

Wetsuits are an important investment and its an expensive one too.

Here are some things to look for:-

  • Comfort and fit
  • Thickness/thinness
  • Buoyancy
  • Sealants
  • Ease of getting off
  • Extra features

Taking the above into account, here are some suggestions of some great first triathlon wetsuits:-



HUUB Archon


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Zone3 Venture Wetsuit


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dhb Wetsuit

Really good value for money, zip is a bit of pain and it’s not super flexible, but a great cheap first suit.

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TYR Hurricane Wetsuit C1

Really good buoyancy, good flexibility, but it is quite thick and can be an issue to take on and off.

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Cheap sunglasses for your first triathlon

Shades dont make you just look good (well sort of), they are important for your safety. When you are on your bike riding along, sometimes small stones can flick up – painful and dangerous. If you dont have a pair of sports sunglasses and dont want to break the bank for your first triathlon, then have a look at the couple of pairs I have brought when I first started.

dhb Triple Lens Sunglasses

dhb are Wiggles own brand product range, good quality and reasonable price. These were my first sunglasses I used for cycling, I have since upgraded but they are great and do the job.The great thing is that you get three different lens for different situations. Wiggle state they are “100 per cent UVA and UVB protection and have a Hydrophobic lens coating to help repel sweat and water.”
– You can find them on Wiggle – click heredhb-Triple-Lens-Sunglasses-Performance-Sunglasses-Smoke-3

dhb PhotoChromatic Half Frame Sunglasses

Photochromatic basically means the lenses reacts to the levels of sunlight. If it is very bright the lense will darken, if it is dark the lens will lighten. Photochromatic are perfect for changeable weather, thus in the UK, they should be standard issue.
– You can find them on Wiggle – click here